Client: Chungcheongnam-do
Category: Government, Destination
Project Scope: Slogan, Design, Application Design, Character
Project Type: New Launched

예부터 아름드리나무는 화합과 공생, 풍요와 평안, 행복과 미래, 믿음과 소통을 상징하는 것으로 이웃 간에 정(情)과 예(禮)를 나누던 친숙한 장소를 의미합니다. 나뭇잎은 충남도민의 대화를 의미하는 말풍선을 조형화한 것으로 소통중심의 충남을 의미하며, 나무줄기는 충남도민의 소리를 공평하게 받아들이고자 하는 충청남도의 의지를 표현한 것입니다.

Traditionally, a giant tree located on a village has many meanings such as harmony, coexistence, richness, peace, happiness, future, belief and communication. It is the place where neighbors gather together to talk and share their thinks. The leaves depict the communication activities of Chungcheongnam-do citizens to convey the importance of connection between people. Also, the tree trunk is to illustrate the willpower of the government to accept the voice of residents fairly.


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